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Age-related hearing loss is one of the most common medical issues in adults. It’s difficult for most people to admit that there is a problem with their hearing, especially when they can instead turn the television up and ask people to repeat themselves. But if this is becoming your norm, you should book a hearing test with an audiologist to

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Your audiologist is your go-to source for help with any issues related to your hearing, balance, and general ear health. Still, you may not know what exactly they can do for you or when you should go see them. Here, we’re going to lay four examples of when you need to schedule an appointment with your audiologist and how they

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Tinnitus is something that is described as an ear-ringing problem, and yet if you have ever experienced a constant buzzing or low hissing noise in either one or both of your ears, then there’s every chance that you have experienced it. It’s not a condition that indicates a hearing loss , but it’s one that is an annoyance. Tinnitus can

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