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Is Custom Ear Protection Right for You?

Three Sets of Earplugs

You might be worried about exposing your ears to the level of noise that will cause either hearing loss or hearing damage. While many people think that hearing loss is typically a condition of age, it’s quite common these days for it to be due to exposing your ears to a dangerous environment. There are many types of environments and pieces of equipment in the world that cause enough noise to damage your hearing. From the sound of a jet engine to a heavy nightclub, you would be amazed by how often you could be exposing your ears to noise that could potentially damage them.

That’s why you might be interested in looking into getting ear protection. There are many different forms of ear protection and one possibility an audiologist might recommend is custom ear protection.

What is custom ear protection?

As you might have guessed, custom ear protection is designed to match your personal needs. This means that the items will fit perfectly inside your ears. They will be molded by the audiologist specifically for you and they will check whether they fit perfectly. When you wear custom ear protection no air should be able to break through the mold into your ear canal. Despite what many believe, not all ears are not the same and some have remarkably different shapes, so ear protection is never a ‘one-size-fits-all’ type of product.

Custom ear protectors are also made for medical grade silicone ensuring that there is absolutely no chance that they do not work effectively. They are designed to reach the ultimate standards to protect your ears and your hearing.

What are the benefits?

There are various benefits to using custom ear protection. First, they last longer and can be used more often than typical earplugs. As well as this, they are far more comfortable than the typical ear protection that you can get from a local store because they are made specifically for you. These custom ear protectors will also be far less noticeable than other forms of protection such as ear muffs. So, if you are working in a business and you don’t want people to know your wearing protectors this could be a great solution. Anyone working in a nightclub will typically use this type of device to protect their hearing.

The only issue with custom ear protection is that it is a little more expensive than typical devices. That said, it is certainly worth it because it’s a more powerful shield to loud noise.

Do you need it?

You will need custom ear protection if you are constantly exposed to loud noise or sounds due to your work or personal life. Many people are subjected to dangerous levels of noise every day without realizing it. However, this will typically not be constant or last for hours. Instead, it will be a fleeting moment. If you are regularly around this type of noise the high level of protection that custom ear protectors provide will be the right choice for you.