Patient Testimonials

Dr. Natasha,
I love my new rechargeable hearing aids. NO MORE BATTERIES!!!!!!  You not only have given me back my ability to participate in social activities at the Conservatory, you have helped me regain my independence! Your Mobile service gives me freedom from asking for a ride and your amazing customer service is second to none!  I truly am thankful I found you!



If you need an audiologist, you found the absolute best in Natasha! Natasha is thorough, knowledgeable, friendly, caring and helpful. My mother is 94 and has been seeing Natasha for over three years. We recently purchased a new set of hearing aids for Mom from Natasha and she has visited Mom at the assisted living facility where she lives several times to review Mom’s hearing and make adjustments to the hearing aids to give Mom the best hearing experience possible. Natasha’s service is even better now that she has a mobile audiology van that allows her to visit patients in their own home. This has simplified my life and my mom’s since I don’t have to take time off from work and Mom doesn’t have to leave her apartment. We have even set up a schedule for Natasha to visit Mom on a monthly basis to clean her hearing aids and make any necessary adjustments. Five stars is not a high enough rating for Natasha!

Wayne S., Austin


Dr. Natasha,
I just want to tell you how much I appreciate the adjustments you made to my hearing aids.  I love the new fit. It is comfortable, actually improves the sound and it doesn’t get plugged nearly as often as the old style.  Thank you for the new settings. I am not missing consonants and the mumblers have disappeared!  These are quality of life improvements, and I am grateful!


Dear Dr. Natasha,
Just a note to say thank you for the time you spent with me and your concern to try and help me with my hearing. I felt very comfortable with you and this is something that I have missed since moving here and the dealings I have had with other hearing aid dealers.
My wife Joy, was also very impressed with you and she is not easy to impress since she was in the personnel business for many years and really knows how to evaluate people. She said you seem very sincere and knowledgeable and I agree with her!
I am looking forward to our professional relationship and hope that you can help me.

Francis P.

Dear Dr. Natasha,
I am extremely thankful for your help and guidance in the upgrade of my hearing aids, which have so greatly improved and eliminated excessive background noise!

Gerald C.

THANK YOU so much for giving my mom her hearing back!!!!!  She is absolutely ECSTATIC about the new technology and said “I haven’t heard this well in YEARS”. It is literally a night and day difference! AMAZING!
And we have YOU to thank!
God Bless you!
Much Love,